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Chorizo and Chickpeas

The title of this recipe is pretty much the whole recipe.. there are two types of chorizo - Spanish, which is cured and ready to eat, and Mexican which is raw pork or beef. This recipes uses Mexican, and I prefer the pork. Chorizo is so packed with flavor it needs very little added to complete a dish. Make a double batch, if you have hungry teenagers in the house, you will be happy to have leftovers.

1 pound Mexican pork chorizo, remove from casings if they are in links

1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed

For serving:

4" corn tortillas

sour cream

lime wedges

  1. Heat the skillet to medium high heat, saute the chorizo until brown and almost cooked through

  2. Add the chickpeas and finish cooking the chorizo

  3. Warm the corn tortillas

  4. Spread each tortilla with sour cream

  5. Top with the chorizo mixture and a wedge of lime


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