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Scotch Eggs

This old school, gastro pub staple is the perfect picnic food. They can be eaten hot, cold or room temperature, so rich and satisfying and I hope you give them a try. Cut them in halves or quarters and serve them with good spicy or whole grain mustard.

8 eggs (reserve 2 for coating)

8 ounces sausage meat

½ cup Panko bread crumbs

Oil for frying

  • In a saucepan with a lid, place a steamer basket inside and fill with a an inch or two of water (to the bottom of the steamer basket)

  • Place the 6 eggs in the basket and bring to a boil

  • When the water begins to boil, place the lid on and set the timer for 13 minutes

  • Remove the eggs after 13 minutes and place in cold water to cool

  • When they are cool to the touch peel the eggs and pat dry

  • Beat the two remaining eggs in a shallow dish and set aside

  • Pour the Panko bread crumbs in another shallow dish

  • Divide the sausage meat into six portion

  • Pat the sausage meat into a rough circle in you hand (wet your hand so it doesn't stick) and place a peeled egg in the center and wrap the sausage meat around the egg sealing to completely enclose

  • Roll the sausage/egg in the beaten egg to coat

  • Then roll it in the Panko bread crumbs and lightly push the crumbs into the sausage so it is well coated

  • In a cast iron skillet, pour in enough oil to measure ½” inch and heat the oil until it just starts to shimmer, medium to medium high heat

  • Fry the eggs turning them as they brown, making sure all areas brown evenly

  • Check your heat and adjust accordingly if they are browning too quickly or too slowly.

  • When they are a evenly deep golden brown, transfer them to a paper towel and cool. Cut them right before serving.

  • Serve with your favorite mustard


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