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The New Boxwood Garden

When the reality of quarantine started to settle in, we realized two things - first, It was very tempting to stay in the kitchen and cook and eat way too much food, and second, we needed a place to go and we had time to create it. When you build the framework of a garden with boxwood it defines your outdoor space in such a beautiful way, I can not wait to watch this garden mature. It has become a source of great joy - a quite place to drink coffee in the morning and a place for family dinners. I love coming home and heading straight to our new garden.

These are Green Mountain Boxwood which will mature to about 5' tall by 3' wide which will create the connection from the house to the border garden

First step we dug two 22' by 3' foot beds which ran parallel to the

back of our house. We removed the grass and added peat moss to lighten the soil

and cultivated about 1 foot deep

These are the "Winter Gem" variety of American Boxwood which usually

grow to about 3' by 3' which when they mature will make a nice hedge

behind the new perennial border.

My new "room" has started to take shape

I have filled it with deer proof favorites like

Peonies, Iris, Dahlias, Lavender, verbena and Baptisia

It takes restraint not to over plant and have patience they will fill out.

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